Recently I had the task of integrating two separate CUCM clusters together. One of the tasks I had was to work out how many users had call forwards set on their directory numbers so we could either keep or remove them. Call forwards can cause a monetary or management issue if not looked after correctly. Specifically we didn’t want call forwards to a main campus number to be translated to a contact center

A simple way to achieve this was to run an SQL query on your CUCM Publisher via SSH.

From the CLI;

admin:run sql select dnorpattern,cfadestination,cfavoicemailenabled from CallForwardDynamic c, numplan n where c.fknumplan = n.pkid and (cfadestination != '' or cfavoicemailenabled ='t')

This SQL statement returns all the directory numbers that have call forwards to an extension or PSTN number or voicemail. Extensions or PSTN are denoted with an ‘f’. Voicemail forward is denoted with a ‘t’. You can copy the output into Excel for easy manipulation.

Pretty simple really but handy to know.

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