This post outlines the Cisco UCCX Prompt Codec Format. At the college I work for we have the full Cisco Unified Communications stack. One of my day to day tasks is to manage the VOIP solution. This includes CUCM (Call Manager) and UCCX for Contact Center queues. One of the more mundane task that comes with administering UCCX is prompt recordings. These are your standard phone queuing IVR’s (Interactive Voice Recordings). UCCX uses the WAV container format for prompts. The most annoying issue here is that UCCX does not trans-code WAV codec formats. You must do this yourself before uploading your WAV file to the UCCX Appadmin management tool. If not the sound will be garbled, like white noise.

The accepted codec for UCCX WAV files is – CCITT u-Law, 8 kHz, 8 bit mono. This can be achieved using Audacity or NCH Switch sound converter. Both available on Windows OS.

Originally published as ‘Cisco UCCX Prompt Codec Format’

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